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How Does Apex Work?

20 teams of 3 people, drop into a free for all. You must equip guns, and other equipment, and try to be the last team standing. You start off in the dropship. where you and your teamates decide where to drop. You can go to a large city, which could hold higher tier loot, but also could have enemy teams competing against you for the best loot. You could also go to smaller outcrops of buildings, offering less loot, but more safety. As time progresses in the match, a ring will form. The ring will slowly close in on the map, lessening the area you can play in. Eventually the ring will be so small that it will force players to confront each other.
Before you join the game, you and your teamates can choose between the different legends, mixing and mathcing for the deadliest loadout. Loot will be scattered around, and periodically throughout matched, supply drops will fall. Supply drops can hold loot that can change the tide of the battle, but various teams will be vying for one. A large part of Apex Legends is teamplay, so losing a teamate can be a big disavantage. But if a teamate gets eliminated, you can collect their banner and respawn them at a respawn beacon.